Holistic Massage Therapies

During or following a therapy you may experience emotions that you have been bottling up or symptoms relating to illness or disease that may have been suppressed with medication. This ‘healing crisis’ (contra-action) is a normal, positive effect, especially if you have never had a massage before or if your body is very stressed. Massage helps all body systems to function more efficiently, speeding up waste removal and the elimination of toxins as well as getting rid of negative deep-held emotions.

With regular therapies and as the body starts to heal and re-balance, these after effects will diminish.

Typical contra-actions may include;

Some people suffer varying degrees of tiredness.  This is a signal that your mind and body needs rest to recuperate and recharge, allowing your body the chance to heal itself.

Muscular Aches and Soreness
This is usually due to toxins being released and muscle tension and joint movements becoming unblocked.

This is usually due to the toxins being released into the bloodstream. Allow yourself to drink plenty of water.

Heightened Emotional State
This is not an unusual reaction and you might feel depressed and tearful – especially if you have been bottling up feelings.

Frequent Urination
Due to stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Changed Sleep Patterns
You can fall asleep during the therapy, a state of relaxation may help you sleep better.

Active Bowels
Body system, including the digestive system will work better.

Spots may occur
Released toxins and hormones may surface through the skin, especially if you previously suppressed your skin condition.

Change in Body Temperature
You may feel hot and flushed or cold and shivery as a response to improved blood circulation and general relaxation.

Any contra-action symptoms you may experience are absolutely normal and will subside within 24 hours.

Regular treatments will help prevent future stress accumulating.